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  1. L. Charlesworth sanoo:

    Thank You once again for your blog.

    This time I was able to visit Finland in my mind, as well as travel back over 70 years in time to my childhood.
    And all without needing to leave my home in Australia!
    By magic I can even smell these flowers and remember my own mother and how she loved them.

    I have had some sadness in my life lately. This was healing.


    ”Australialais leidi.”

    P.S I have to comment in English. It is difficult for me to express myself properly in Finnish after over 60 years in Australia, but reading it is lovely.

    1. Kaisa sanoo:

      Oh, dear beloved Australialaisleidi! Olipa ihanaa kuulla sinusta! Kiitos, kiitos, kiitos! Ja mukava kuulla, että tunsit kielojen tuoksun; se on niin ihana ja parantava. Toivon sinulle lempeää oloa surusi kanssa ja hyvää keskikesän juhlaa, juhannusta! Voi hyvin. Many hugs.

      ps. No problem, commenting in English is perfectly fine <3

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